The 8 Hour Executive Physical

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8-Hr Executive Physicals currently discounted to only $899 when you sign up for a 1-Year Membership

8 Hour Executive Physical

Day 1: 4 Hours

Your day will begin and end with the doctor. You will be the only patient seen during this time without any phone calls or interruptions. Our visit will begin with a look into your history. Every detail is important, so we will start with childhood. You will complete focused questionnaires and the doctor will conduct a very thorough physical examination. Your day will continue with an EKG, chest radiograph (if needed), body measurements, basal metabolic rate screening, blood work, urinalysis, bioimpedence, nutritional coaching, and your initial plan of care.

Day 2: 4 Hours

This visit will occur in approximately 3 weeks after your first visit–when all of your labs and tests have been reviewed and returned. Any further testing or referrals will be set up at this time. This day will end with a trip to the grocery store and a course on reading food labels.

We will be your advocate and will guide you through any visits outside of our office. You will be able to obtain appointments with the best specialists in our preferred network, usually within 24 hours. We have discounted rates for diagnostic testing if needed.

Adult $2,995.00
($899 + $200/mo)

NOT included:

  • Ancillary Services and Products