Our mission is to provide a level of care much greater in quality than that of any 15-minute annual office visit. The average family practice doctor has approximately 2,500 patients in their panel. It is so unfortunate that this has become a commonality, and that the system is now clearly broken. The difference of our practice will become evident during your very first visit. We are strictly limiting the amount of patients we panel in an effort to dedicate our undivided attention to your personalized healthcare.

We do not believe in categorizing patients with similar conditions and using a “one size fits all” prescription for their health care. Each patient’s health is unique, and we prefer to treat them as such by addressing the true cause of the condition, not just the general symptoms. This approach allows us to customize a plan of action to prevent or cure disease and only use specific medicines if needed.

Medicine the Way it was Meant to be Provided with the Quality of Care You Deserve.

“Health is not simply the absence of sickness.”

Hannah Green